(Disclaimer: I am not a mathematician. I am not a computer programmer. Poet might be a stretch too.)


base two
penetrating then embedding
filling the dark and the light
charting rhyme
with reason
telling the story of syllables
in code

the combination operating
creating a composition
in summation, a product
switched toward a single point
an entity
united there in eternity

waving they denote
yes or no
north or south
nothing or something
of matter

mapping our relationships
pointing to our visions
counting our feats
of strength and weakness
etching into the record
telling our story

pointing, prodding and griping
carrying us away
carrying us toward
the one digit
that is more than a bit
more than the sum of us all

when the sun vanishes behind the horizon
and the dew collects in the coolness of the eveningĀ 
shadows, condensation taking over the darkened world,
revealing the moist, inviting blades and leaves?

the snails then perhaps not so sluggish
as they make slick paths toward the celebration,
the festival where chlorophyll and cellulose is served
in heaping portions to the hungry

the females coy as their potential mates drink
and get bolder and braver,
drunk with moisture do they nuzzle
in a silent snail serenade?

the young ones head in every direction
sometimes not sticking to the right leaf
as parental warnings slip from their minds
as the wet wilderness awaits

I’ll take Prophets for $200 Alex
to discover that the answer
from the self proclaimed
is certainly for profit

I’ll take Politics for $600 please Alex
the answer as decreed by the voters,
those left after culling the undesirables
from the lists in districts
drawn in the image of a Crow

I’ll take Pharmaceuticals for $800 Alex
where I’ll name six of the drugs
containing each of the letters X, J and Z
and each with more than two dozen side effects
for ailments that I didn’t know that I had

I’ll take Breaking News for $1000 Alex
which is anything but the already broken
by the bias from which it is spewed
the answer disgorged until accepted
as being true

Today’s Final Jeopardy category is Fossil Fuels
so prepare your ultimate wager
for this Senator who has a memorial buoy
on what was formerly
Biscayne Blvd and SE 2nd St in Miami

Unfortunately I fail to answer
in the form of a question

Was that a breath you just took
out of the blue
sky, and then blew it back
without a thought?

Did you cherish it
for the life it gives,
holding it, caressing it,
or just dispose of it unconsciously?

Did it fuel your anxiety,
or your compassion
for those less fortunate,
for those unable to breathe deeply?

What will you do
with the opportunity
it bestows upon you,
this ultimate gift?

The sun did not die for your sins
Although the earth might
The moon may have wandered away
But we are marooned here

In our waste
We wallow and swallow
While we engineer our plants and animals
And cause our cells to offend their neighbors

In our haste
We attempt to transcend from the natural
Which somehow is not satisfactory enough
So we gamble, oblivious to our fate

In our face
Stand the victims and their hopelessness
On the mountains of plastic and
In the valleys that flow with our caustic creations

In our place
We don’t make the bed of civilization
Instead we become creatures of consumption
Unaware that the store shelves cannot be restocked

Foreplay is more
Than just the opening act
More than the pre-game show
Or the appetizer

It is how all those things
Are enhanced by our attention
Enjoyed through our contribution
And enlivened by our participation

So plant a kiss on the breast of being
Kindly caress the calves of life
Enthusiastically massage the shoulders of humanity
And nuzzle the nape of the neck of existence

For a fulfilling end depends
On the filling
With those daily delights
That form the soul

The final climax brings release and becomes
The ultimate orgasm as the five senses,
Along with the ones unnamed and unknown
Reunite, and dissolve back into the whole